Mex/Am CH Raklyns High Stakes at Ivylane

Ch Shadow's Nairobi, SOM x Ch Raklyns Celebration, DOM, LOM
May 16, 2000 - 2012: Lost to suspected Hemangiosarcoma

Breeders: Debbie & Erin Struff
Owners: Tina Starr

Gambler's First Points were awarded by Judge Dorothy Nickels in November 2000. He finished his Championship with a 5 point Major under English Judge Mr. Tim Hutchings, shown by his co-breeder, Erin Struff.

Gambler spent 2003 visiting Mexico where he took the show ring by storm. In the loving hands of Mario Quiroz & Family of Quiroz Boxers, Gambler passed his Temperament Test and went on to add a Mexican Championship to his list of accomplishments. Gambler became a SOM, March 20, 2010.





Producer of 9 Champions
Ch Garnsey's Beachcomber
Whelped July 18, 2010
DAM: Garnsey's Soviner
Breeder/Owner: Clayton G. Haviland IV
Ch Ivylane's Late Arrival
Whelped January 14, 2002
DAM: Raklyns Ultimate Elegance
Breeder: Tina Starr
Owners: Melissa & Drew Victory and Tina Starr
Ch Ivylane's Wave On Wave
Whelped July 18, 2004
DAM: Garnsey's Surf Song at Ivylane
Breeders: Tina Starr & Robert Busby
Owners: Tina Starr & Rhiannon Cintron
Ch Garnsey's High Tide
Whelped July 18, 2004
DAM: Garnsey's Surf Song at Ivylane
Breeders: Tina Starr & Robert Busby
Owners: Joleena and Mack Young
Ch Shilo's Tequilla
Sunrise @ JJN's, DOM
Whelped October 26, 2007
DAM: Ch Standing O Lady Luck of Shilo
Breeders: Debbie & Erin Struff
and Cynthia DeAmicis
Owners: Cynthia DeAmicis & Jo Lacagnina
Ch Standing-O Back to
the Future at Raklyn
Whelped August 8, 2007
DAM: Standing-O Nite Sky
Breeders: Pamela Shaw-George
& Kellye St. John
Owners: Debbie & Erin Struff
and Pamela Shaw-George
Ch Raklyns Monte Carlo
Whelped November 11, 2007
DAM: Ch Raklyns Showin' Off, DOM
Breeders/Owners: Karen & Patrick Quagliana
and Debbie & Erin Struff
Ch High Ridge's
Bring N Sexy Back
Whelped July 5, 2007
DAM: Int'l Ch Beacon's Time to Shine, CGC
Breeders/Owners: Dawn Mancine & Tina Starr
Ch Davidsons
River Boat Queen
Whelped May 11, 2011
DAM: Halcyon Sparkle V Davidson
Breeders: LaRelle Clark
& Susan Von Rothkirch
Owner: Larelle Clark